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Our Junior Coach program is a new program that we are THRILLED to implement. Our main goals are to provide participants with a positive coaching experience, on-going learning and the skills and education for them to continue on in coaching and into the future. We aim to give our junior coaches knowledge and experience that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. We are striving to develop more than athletes; we are developing people.

Who can Apply to be a Junior Coach?

Any current athlete that is 12 years or older may apply as a Junior coach. You must maintain a passing grade in school and be a positive role model on all social media accounts to be considered for this position. If you are under the age of 12 years, you may still be considered as a shadow coach for tumbling classes or for a team.

What are the responsibilities of a Jr Coach?

As a Junior Coach your job is to assist the head coach(es) in successfully running practices. This may include practice planning, taking the lead on stretch, drills, and/or spotting. We also want to be promoting a positive environment that encourages cooperation and friendship among the team. You are required to attend all practices and competitions for the team or classes as assigned. There will be in-services and/or other learning opportunities throughout the season.  

Apply Today!

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